I Miss the Old Theo

So Theo Epstein is GM of the Red Sox and all is supposedly good in the universe again, unless you're the sports section of a newspaper. If you're the sports section of a newspaper, things are not good at all. You want to get all Pulitzer on the Red Sox because there's no logical explanation for these recent events, but they won't let you because they've released a press release that's the length of the Constitution, rather than hold a press conference.

Why are you angry? Because you need fodder.

The Red Sox have ridden a tide of goodwill since October 27, 2004 and the local Boston newspapers are sick and tired of nothing to write about. The fact the Theo Epstein should echo a resounding "who cares?" from most fans. It's the on-field results that matter. The Sox have put themselves in a tough position. If their off season moves don't pan out, the story will either be that it was Theo's (and hence the Sox's) fault (because he was always behind the scenes, even during his GM absence), or the Sox's fault for loosing Theo while they made these bad moves.

We just won't know for about nine months.

The newspapers aren't the only ones being childish, either. Let's take the Red Sox, who will hold a press conference to announce the construction of a handicap ramp, or why they decided not to resign Johnny Damon. Hiding behind a press release that lays out everyones' feelings like it's a segment of Oprah is not a brilliant PR, nor does it show any respect for the press or anyone else who might be interested.

This whole situation is a mess, but, like I said before, who cares? The jury should be out on this one until game #162.


Blogger Coolhand complained...

Seriously. These sports-talk fanatics should lay off Theo and the Red Sox. It's really annoying and just shallow on all parts.

1/26/2006 2:19 PM
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