Freezing to Death

Having a freezing cold apartment is pretty much a right of passage in New England, when you're in your mid-twenties. There's nothing like a $300+ heating gas bill in the first month of winter to cause you to lower the thermostat to 55, certainly against your better judgement, but for all the more relief on your wallet.

Right now I have on an undershirt, a pullover fleece, a hooded sweatshirt and a polar fleece blanket. My hands are still freezing. There's no good way to escape this either. My unemployment journey has taken me on the self-employed web designer route, and there's nothing cheaper than working out of home for most projects. I could escape to my car and its heater, however gasoline isn't cheap either. I love my parents very much, but working out of their climate-controlled home in Lexington wouldn't work out for me.

No, I'm stuck like this until late March sometime. California, here I come (in my dreams).


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