Super Dud

What a boring game... even worse, 99% of the commercials stunk. I did enjoy the commercial that involved some guy tackling a girl in a game of tag football. I don't remember the product, so I guess the advertiser fails. I also enjoyed the Mission Impossible 3 trailer.

I spent pretty much the entire third quarter on my computer, looking at some things with friends. Here's the best of the bunch (and worth the download wait), if you haven't seen it.


Anonymous Anonymous complained...

I believe the ad was for Michelob Ultra.


2/06/2006 4:48 PM
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Blogger Elliott complained...

Michelob Amber Ultra, I believe.

That Sleepless in Seattle recut was great, maybe the best of the bunch (Back to the Future and The Shining were good too).

2/07/2006 1:23 PM
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