At Least It's a Classic

I was channel surfing last night and came across On Her Majesty's Secret Service, which is one of the best Bond films ever made, but my focus was on what channel I found it -- AMC, better known as American Movie Classics. Now, some of their choices as far as what are "classics" are questionable -- looking at their catalog, I found they have Three Stooges Meet Hercules and Stroker Ace in their library. They also have all the pre-Brosnan Bonds, which totally throws me for a loop, since you could hardly say that movies like OHMSS (which takes place almost entirely in Switzerland) are American.

Another thing that gets me about AMC is that they are (I think) the only movie-dedicated cable network to have commercial interruptions. Fox Movies, Turner Classic, IFC, and Sundance all show their films without breaks. The weirdest thing, however, is that half of the spots during AMC's breaks are promos for future programming.

Anyway, I just saw on their schedule that Highlander is on in two minutes. Check you later.


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